Sunday, March 23, 2014

When Angels Fall; Lachelle Redd

When Angels Fall by Lachelle Redd is an erotic and dangerous tale of an angel who wishes to live with, and damn, human kind. The main character inhabits the body of a mortal and proceeds on a rampage of sex and debauchery with the sole intent of finding those he can control and damn. The “Masters”, who oversee the demonic angel, find amusement in his disobedience and turn his quest into a game. Bets are laid as to the success of his mission and the cost, should he lose, is high.

The writing is brilliant and the imagery and terror that the humans the demon toys with is palpable. Though the book could do with a bit more editing for punctuation and complete sentences, I found the story, overall, to be enjoyable. The ending could have been a bit more satisfying. It seemed that the demon was dispensed with far too easily. Yet this did not detract from my overall appreciation of the book itself as, it seems, we have a possible sequel to look forward to.

I would suggest that the formatting of the kindle edition be revisited as, at Chapter 6, the text no longer flows on one page and seems to separate by paragraphs. Although it’s just the flick of a finger to move on to the next part of the story, it can become cumbersome. This irritation is further compounded in Chapter 8, where the justification doesn’t follow the general flow of the text.

Overall, however, I base my rating on the writing, itself. That said, I would rate this book 4 Amazon stars. When Angels Fall was an extremely satisfying read that held my attention to the very end. With a bit more care in the editing and formatting, it would definitely have captured a 5 for me.

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