Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Books in for review!

I have a ton of books in for review right now so if you haven't seen yours yet, don't despair. 

Current books in for review in no apparent order:

Edge of Temptation by Nik August -- Read and formulating review.
I Call Myself Earth Girl -- Jan Krause Greene -- Currently Reading
Transported for Life by E Van Jonson -- Next in Line
Hunter by Campbell Jefferys
Revontuli by Andrew Eddy
The Geek -- Eunice Oweifaware
The Neighbor - Robert Moore
Tallas -- Cathrina Constantine
The Secret Passage -- Bridgette Stotzka
A Second Chance -- Christina Paul
Anne -- Carmen Stevens

Sorry for the delay folks.  I've had a bigger response than I anticipated but I promise to get to every one of you.

If you don't see your book here and you've sent it, contact me to make sure I add it to the list.

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