Thursday, February 20, 2014

I Call Myself Earth Girl; Jan Krause Greene

WOW.  That’s the first thing I’m going to say about this book.  Beyond that, I’m pretty much speechless.

I Call Myself Earth Girl starts out with a woman who has mysteriously become pregnant during her menopausal years although she hadn’t had sex with her husband in a period of time in which this may have logically occurred.  Now, at first I rolled my eyes and wondered what kind of ride I was going to be taken on.  Thoughts of Jesus and the Virgin Mary aside, I assumed her condition was probably psychosomatic and the story was going to be about some poor crazy woman who would end up destroyed when she realized that her pregnancy was a lark.  Yet, the pregnancy turned out to be very real and the manner in which the characters dealt with the situation extremely human. 

I’d love to go into the details of the story but to do so would rob future readers of the incredible journey that Jan Krause Greene has taken me on.  Therefore, I’ll leave it to Ms. Krause Greene to take you down that road.

If I had any complaints about this book it would only be that the characters often times became repetitious with their thoughts.  Prior to becoming a writer myself, however, I never would have noticed this.  I only did so because I’ve been criticized for the same thing.  Aside from that, this was a perfectly written novel that I would recommend that anyone and everyone reads.

Note:  This book was given to me by Ms. Krause Greene in exchange for a review on my blog.  However, this in no way changes or influences my opinion about this book.  Run, don’t walk, to your local book store for this one.

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